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Raised Air Mattresses

Air mattresses are no longer for the floor. More popular today is the raised air mattress, which actually can look and feel almost like any other bed in your home. They even come with bed skirts to give the overall appearance of a regular bed, but they still retain the ability to be taken down or put up in just minutes or easily moved around the room for adequate cleaning or redecorating projects.

There are obviously many convenience perks to having an air mattress, but what else does this type of bedding have to offer?

If you have ever spent the night on a cheap air mattress that sits low to the ground, you understand the bodily discomforts that can come from flimsy mattresses that do not give good support to the body.

That is no longer a problem if your purchase a high quality raised air bed mattress that keeps you up off the floor and provides proper support for all joints and muscles in your body every single night.

The most popular model being sold right now is the AeroBed raised air mattress. It sits a full two feet off the floor and comes with a comfortable cover for the top and a bed skirt to give the appearance of a regular bed.

Lying down, it is also just as comfortable as most other beds and the air chambers eliminate pressure points that often lead to restless sleep on innerspring mattresses.

An air bed also has the huge perk of allowing you to adjust the level of firmness with the simple press of a button.

No matter how your sleep needs change, you will be able to adjust the air to get the perfect firmness every single night. With the AeroBed raised mattress, this is done with a convenient wand without even having to get up.

A queen raised air bed is large enough to accommodate two people, and some models on the market allow the firmness to be adjusted separately on two sides of the bed.

These beds are very suitable to couples who want to sleep next to one another but do not necessarily share the same sleep needs in terms of firmness. Raised air beds of this size are made with durable materials that can handle weight of two people comfortably.

Deciding whether a raised air mattress is right for you depends on the room you want to put the bed in and what your specific needs are for this bed.

While an AeroBed may not provide every aspect of an actual bed, it comes very close and has some perks that many consumers place a high value on.