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Queen Air Mattresses

If you are considering a queen air mattress, but the king sized models have caught your eye as well, there are a few good points to consider before making a final decision.

It is understandable to believe that a king sized bed must be better since it has more sleep surface and can possibly accommodate more people, there are some other things that come along with a bed that size which may not be so desirable.

It is true that a king air mattress has more sleep surface, but whether it can safely accommodate more people than a queen air bed mattress depends on the manufacturer and how durable the materials used are.

Not all air mattresses are made alike, and it is important to read up on the specific mattresses you are considering to verify the weight limits they can accommodate.

While a king size may be larger, it won’t necessarily hold more pounds at one time than a queen size made of highly durable materials.

Queen air mattresses may be a little smaller, but they are still large enough to hold at least two people comfortably and their smaller size is also a huge benefit.

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A king sized mattress can be bulky and more difficult to work with, especially when taking it down or moving around the room. If you do not have specific purpose for the extra room on the sleeping surface then it can simply be a pain since it takes up so much space in the room and interferes with the ability to walk and move around it.

Many consumers are actually quite surprised by how roomy and comfortable a high quality queen raised air bed can actually believe. They actually look and feel much like sleeping in any other bed, and top name brands can now hold up to 750 pounds at a time.

Add in the ability to adjust the air inside the mattress for the firmness level you most desire, and you have the perfect sized mattress for single sleepers or couples.

A queen air mattress may have a little less room in the sleeping surface than a king sized mattress, but seriously consider whether you really need the extra space or if it’s just a luxury you think you will enjoy.

If it just seems it will be more comfortable consider the size of the room it will be placed in and how hard you really want to work to get it up and down as needed. With these down sides, most consumers find that a queen size actually fits their needs much better.