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Pocket Coil Mattresses

The beauty of a pocket coil mattress is the way it hugs to your body. Instead of having metal cores that are connected to one another and thinly veiled with cheap foam, these coils are individually covered in their own little sleeve and generously surrounded with comforting materials. This allows your body to be firmly supported at every point, even when you move.

The pocket technology makes this the best bed for couples, since motion on one side does not translate as much into motion on the other side of the bed. You are less likely to toss and turn on pocket coil spring mattresses, but if you do it is likely your bed mate will continue on snoozing.

There are a couple name brands that are routinely rated high in consumer pocket coil mattress reviews, and it is worth taking a closer look at what they offer before making a purchase.

Sealy Correct Comfort Mattress

The Sealy pocket coil mattress delivers both comfort and support for your tired body. The top layers are soft and comforting, but the more your body weight sinks into the mattress the more support you receive from the firm lower layers. The result is comfort that allows you to fall sleep and support that allows you to stay asleep.

It also has a special designed edge that ensures the entire sleeping surface is consistent. This also means you can sit on the edge to get dressed or tie your shoes without the mattress caving down. This is a big improvement over latex mattresses, which tend to have weaker edges.

The Sealy mattress can be upgraded to models with memory foam or silk or wool fibers.

Simmons Pocket Coil Mattress

The Beautyrest line is where you will find the pocket coils from Simmons. The line offers several different models, starting with the basic unit and going up to the deluxe mattress that includes memory foam and a higher number of pocketed coils.

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Each model also has different optional items, such as firmness and pillowtops. No matter which model you choose, you will be absorbed in comfort each time you lie down.

When deciding the best pocket coil mattress for your needs, it is important to consider the type of mattress you sleep best on. Also, if you need a certain firmness or extra support due to the condition of your body it is important to pick a pocket coil model that will accommodate those needs.

The only downside to a pocket coil mattress is that they do not last as long as some other mattress types. While the individually wrapped coils do provide extreme comfort and virtually eliminate the motion transfer from one side of the bed to the other, it also tends to wear down much faster than other mattresses. If you are extremely concerned with a mattress lasting for years to come, then a latex may be more what you are looking for.