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Pocket Coil Mattress Reviews

One of the best types of bed that you can purchase today is the pocket coil mattress. This unique design allows you to enjoy the metal coils that have been used in bedding for centuries, but with a little extra twist. So what is it that makes this type of mattress stand out in today’s mattress, and why are so many people lining up to buy them?

What makes a pocket coil mattress stand out is the design of the coils. While regular coil beds have padding surrounding coils that are mostly connected together, these beds encase each individual coil in its own little pocket, allowing for a more cushioned, springy feel on the sleeping surface.

Many consumers find it similar to sleeping on a pillow top, though the pocketed coils actually offer more body support than a pillow top cushion.

As soon as you lie down on a pocket coil mattress, you feel it conform to your body. As you move around through the night it continues to cradle and support the body no matter which position you take. The pockets also reduce the amount of movement felt on the bed when one person moves, making it ideal for couples.

Pocket coil mattress reviews routinely point out the Simmons pocket coil mattress as one of the best buys on the market right now. Using high quality materials, the Simmons BeautyRest pocket coil mattress is able to provide all of the support, comfort, and motion reduction that pocket coils are known for and much for.

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The secret that makes this bed stand out is the high quality coils and the way they are able to conform to your exact body shape and give you support throughout the night.

The number of pocketed coils varies from one model to another, with higher end models having more of them for extra cushioning and support.

The biggest drawback with a pocket coil mattress is that it may not last as many years as some other types of bedding. That is not a flaw in the bed, but is a fact of the way the individual coil wrappings are made.

It is similar to the way a pillowtop can wear down slightly faster than other types of mattress tops as well. If you want an incredible night of sleep on a mattress that offers high cushiony comfort and some support, then this may still be the best option on the market right now.