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Pocket Coil Futon Mattress

It’s time to throw out that thin futon mattress stuffed with low quality filler and get something more grown up; something more comfortable that actually supports your body. Too many people continue sleep on unsupportive thin mattresses, but once they experience a pocket coil futon mattress they realize how much time they have wasted in discomfort. The pocket coil mattress has become very popular on full sized beds, but few people realize they are also available for futons.

So, what makes a pocket coil futon mattresses the best mattress you can purchase for your futon? It all comes down to comfort and support. Many futons come with thin mattresses that offer little to no support for your spine and the other joints in your body.

These weak mattresses may be okay for children, but adults often find them uncomfortable and wake up with aches and stiffness that isn’t necessary.

A pocket coil spring futon mattress includes actual coil springs, and they are each covered in their own little cushioned pocket. This provides more support for your body and delivers comfort like no other futon mattress you have tried before. There is also less motion transfer across the bed, which is convenient when you are sleeping with someone else.

Another perk of the pocketed coil design is that the springs do not rub together and are extremely quiet. Whether you mainly use your futon for sitting or lying down, you will find these mattresses to be extremely comfortable as they conform to your body and provide more support than most futon mattresses can possibly provide.

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A high quality pocket coil mattress will also include layers of foam and other comforting materials that offer additional comfort to that body support.

You will not have to worry about feeling the metal or wood frame of your futon through the bed, as these mattresses are cushioning enough that all you will feel is relaxed and comfortable.

Replacing an old futon mattress is nothing new to most people, but many consumers still do not realize how many options they have for a more comfortable mattress.

Once you try a pocket coil futon mattress you will not want to sit or sleep on anything else, thanks to the extreme comfort that gives it the feel of any other bed in the home. So, toss out that old mattress that offers no support at all give yourself the treat of a good night’s rest with a pocket coil mattress that actually supports your body.