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Pillow Top Air Mattresses

Have you ever considered the option of saving quite a bit of money by purchasing a pillow top air mattress instead of a regular innerspring bed? Most consumers are not aware of the big changes that have taken place in the air mattress market and do not realize that a raised air mattress is a legitimate alternative to spending thousands of dollars on a spring mattress.

Air mattresses that you may have purchased in the past perhaps ran you fifty bucks or less from a local store, but you can expect pillow top air mattresses of high enough quality to take the place of a traditional innerspring bed to run you at least a couple hundred dollars. This is a little more than most consumers are willing to pay for an air mattress, so what’s the deal? Are they really just as good as sleeping on an actual spring mattress?

The truth is pillow top air beds are not exactly like sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress set. For starters, they are not quite tall enough to really mimic the height of most beds today. They also may not have the exact same feel when you first sit and lie down, but once you are stretched out across the sleep surface a high quality raised air mattress with pillow top will in fact feel just like sleeping on a regular bed.

Air bed manufacturers are now putting out immense efforts to transform the typical inflatable bed into a viable alternative to the standard innerspring mattress. For those willing to make the switch right now, thousands of dollars could be saved.

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For example, take the AeroBed Premier Pillow Top Air Mattress. This is one of the best air mattresses on the market right now and it stands a full two feet off the floor. That is not high enough to truly copy a full sized spring mattress, but once you lay across the sleep surface you could easily be fooled into forgetting you are sleeping on air chambers rather than metal coils.

Plus, there are many other perks that come with an air mattress. They are easy to move around the room to clean underneath. You can also deflate an air mattress in a matter of minutes, pack it up, and take it along wherever your life may lead you.

Perhaps the best feature of a pillow top air mattress is that they are so much cheaper than spring mattresses that you can easily afford a king size rather than the twin you might otherwise be able to afford.