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Novaform Infinite Mattress

If you have checked into the innovative features of the Novaform Infinite mattress, you may be wondering why it is only a fraction of the cost of competitive beds such as Sealy or Tempurpedic.

Further, you may be wondering if the considerable price difference means your mattress will not last as long as the other competing brands. Before you assume a lesser value or a trick is hidden in the small print somewhere, consider what is really being offered by Novaform.

The Infinite memory foam mattress is in fact a good competitor with Sealy and other brands, but the price difference is there for a reason. When you look closer at these beds you realize there are some details that stand out right off.

For starters, you will only receive a five year warranty if you buy Novaform Infinite mattresses. With other top brands such as Tempurpedic you can often get a ten year warranty or more, so there is a clue here that the quality and expected life span may be slightly lower for the Novaform mattresses.

The real difference when it comes to the Novaform vs Tempurpedic or Sealy battle is the type of mattresses you are comparing. Sealy and Tempurpedic make more traditional looking mattresses that are heavy and pretty much solid in their shape once you bring them home. They take a lot of different materials, including a wooden frame, to hold them together.

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On the other hand, the Novaform Infinite Comfort memory Foam mattress is a compressed foam mattress without the frame and extra materials. It is simply a foam pad that has to be unfolded and allowed to rise up to its full shape before you can sleep on it.

This accounts for the big price difference, since this type of mattress requires a platform and eliminates all the batting and other materials that go into a more traditional foam mattress.

When you actually give the Novaform Infinite mattress a fair try, it is highly competitive with Tempurpedic and several other top name brands. It is an extremely comfortable foam mattress that simply takes a different form and requires less cash to bring it home.

For many consumers in our current economic times, the price tag is extremely enticing. Just remember the platform that will be required to hold up your new Novaform mattress will have a price as well.