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Novaform Comfortluxe Mattress

Do all premium quality beds have to cost thousands of dollars for a single mattress? It used to be a given that the best mattresses were the higher priced models from the most elite brand names, but things have changed considerably over the years. Whenever a new material hits the market it is extremely hot and sells for extremely high prices.

With time, cheaper models come out through select brand names and consumers have more options. The Novaform Comfortluxe mattress is one of these reasonable options currently being offered.

What makes the Comfortluxe memory foam mattress the best mattress in its price range is the amount of high quality memory foam inside the mattress.

While other mattresses tend to cut corners by offering low density foam in particular zones of the mattress, this mattress delivers multiple layers of varying density memory foams supported by a seven inch base of sturdy conventional foam.

There are three layers of memory foam in the Sleep Innovations Novaform Comfortluxe. The top layer is 1.5 inches thick and is designed to regulate your body temperature. Since one of the biggest complaints against foam mattresses is that they trap in heat and cause sleepers to overheat during the night, this specially designed foam works with the mattress cover to allow better air circulation and prevent the problem outright.

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The second layer is 1.5 inches thick as well, but is 6 pound density premium foam designed to support and comfort the body. The last layer is two inches thick and is 5 pound density.

Together you have four solid inches of high quality memory foam, which is more than you will find in many other foam mattresses in the same price range.

It is best to purchase the Novaform Comfortluxe mattress from Costco, where it can often be found with great sale prices that make it even more affordable to most consumers. Novaform is known for its low prices to begin with, but if you can find it on sale the savings add up even more.

High density memory foam designed to regulate body temperature while providing adequate body support and exceptional comfort make the Novaform Comfortluxe mattress by Sleep Innovations one of the best options on the market today.

It may not have all the features found on a luxury mattress that sells for thousands of dollars more, but it does deliver the quality and comfort of a basic memory foam mattress at an exceptional value.