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Natural Latex Mattresses Vs Synthetic Latex Mattresses

You may already know that a high quality latex mattress will easily last well over twenty years without ever having to be flipped or rotated. The benefits to this highly sustainable resource are numerous, but is there really a difference between an all natural latex mattress and one made with synthetic latex?

The battle over this question has been going on in the mattress industry for some time, with manufacturers of each product claiming their beds are better than the others.

Those who advocate for natural latex mattresses play up the fact that all natural latex is an environmentally safe material that is taken from the rubber tree without doing any harm to the environment. They claim that synthetic latex is petroleum based and therefore not up to par with their all natural mattresses.

On the other side, you have those who claim synthetic latex is actually better than natural latex mattresses because they are more resilient, which means they bounce back into place much quicker. This is an important point because it means the mattress will last longer and will not be as easy to form body compressions and become uncomfortable with time. Of course, this claim is hotly refuted by makers of all natural latex.

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The debate over whether an organic latex mattress and synthetic versions are actually much different will probably continue as long as these mattresses are being made, and that looks to be a very long time.

Most consumers find that they cannot tell a difference between the two versions when lying on a bed, since the synthetic latex is designed to closely mimic all of the properties of all natural latex foam.

Yet, there are many consumers who want only the best in their bed, and they of course go for natural latex. While these mattresses can be harder to find, there are some top name brands that have high quality natural latex mattresses available in price ranges that many consumers can afford.

A few names to look out for in the natural latex mattress market are Englander Nature’s Choice mattress, Restonic HealthRest mattress, and Simmons Natural care mattress.

All of these beds use high quality, all natural latex and have different models available with different price points. The difference between prices will of course be reflected in the difference in thickness of the latex core. They are all designed to last for years and deliver an extremely comfortable night of rest.