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Miralux Splendor Mattresses

The Miralux Splendor mattress may not be one of the leaders in the bedding industry today, but they definitely serve a valuable role for consumers who want comfort and reasonable quality without paying thousands of dollars for a single mattress set. Is it true that lower prices signify an inferior product, or are Miralux mattresses of reasonable quality as well as price point?

Let’s start with what you can not expect to get from a Miralux Splendor Plush mattress. You will not find solid latex cores, elaborate fibers and materials, or exorbitant innerspring systems. Those features have their place in the market to serve high end consumers who want the very best and are willing and able to pay for it.

A Miralux mattress such as the Splendor has an entirely different purpose in today’s market. They are there to provide quality and some nice features to consumers who don’t have a thousand dollars to spend but still want a reasonably comfortable night of sleep.

So, how does the Miralux Splendor fare in terms of the lower end market? It meets its goal quite nicely, especially for a lower priced mattress from a name brand that is not openly advertised to the public. The brand is sold more on word of mouth and to consumers who happen to stumble into stores and come across one, but in the end many consumers do find what they need with this mattress.

What you can expect from the Miralux Splendor Plush is a coil count over 600, which is an adequate range for a supportive mattress that remains fairly comfortable. The coils are made from high gauge metal and are designed to conform to your body form and remain durable with nightly use.

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You will not find this coil system as supportive as advanced mattresses with latex and high quality foam cores or as comforting as the pocketed coil systems that are now available, but you can expect reasonable support from a durable coil system.

High density foam is also included to keep the edges from buckling under, and this also extends the sleeping surface so you do not have that sensation of falling off if you venture over to the outer edges while sleeping.

Consumer mattress reviews are not all glowing about the Miralux Splendor mattress, but it important to consider the price range they are being sold at and the fact that they are not as well advertised as the top brands on the market. Regardless, you may want to look around at some of the better known brands to get a feel for what a little more money may buy you, before making a final decision.