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Memory Foam Pillow Top Mattresses

When purchasing a new memory foam pillow top mattress it is crucial that you learn what is inside each mattress that catches your interest before making a final decision. Simply put, not all pillow top beds are the same.

There are differences from the type of material used inside the topper to the depth and overall quality that will vary from one brand and one model to another. So, what are the best ones leading the market right now?

One of the most affordable options is the Simmons Beautyrest memory foam pillow top mattress. Most lines by Simmons include a pillow top option, but the Beautyrest collection has been providing luxurious models for many years. There is a comfort in going with a brand that is so familiar, and their pillow top models more than earn that trust.

The luxury of Beautyrest includes high quality foams and double stacked pocketed coils that hold up better than most other innerspring mattresses. The pillow top models add extra comfort so you literally sink into your bed with little to no aches or pains from pressure points.

If you are willing to pay a little more for extra quality and comfort, then you should definitely check into the Tempurpedic CelebtrityBed pillow top. Including a 2 inch pillow top and some of the most durable and luxurious materials and fabrics currently being used in the bedding industry, there simply is not a more comfortable option being sold.

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The ultimate downfall to the Tempurpedic brand is the price tag, though they do have several models that have become rather affordable for most consumers.

For the more luxurious models, at least five grand will be required unless you find an exceptional sale.

Another option that runs a little higher in price is the Stearns & Foster memory foam pillow top mattress. The absolute best materials are used, including high quality memory foam and latex foams.

Mattresses from this brand in general are known for pure luxury and top notch quality that lasts for many years to come, though you will once again have to pay for that tradition.

Purchasing a memory foam pillow top is certainly an investment in the best sleep of your life and less body aches and stiffness, but these beds are not always within the price range of consumers who need them most.

For those people, adding memory foam pillow top pads to an older mattress set delivers almost as much comfort.