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The Best Memory Foam Mattress Available

Choosing the best memory foam mattress is an important decision for many consumers. Today, our homes are our sanctuary. We buy the best furniture, home decor and home electronics we can afford, so we can enjoy our days at home. But increasingly, more of us are paying more attention to our sleep-time.

As more than 50 percent of all people suffer from various degrees of back pain, it has become increasingly important to choose the mattress that will help alleviate our back ache and pains and offer us a good night's sleep. Recently, we have seen the introduction of the memory foam mattress and it would be no exaggeration to say that it has revolutionized the mattress world. Originally invented by NASA, the Visco-Elastic material used by many manufacturers has helped many people with back problems to get a good night's sleep - sometimes the first good night's sleep in many years. Unlike traditionally made mattresses, memory foam mattresses are made from a single block of material, though don't think that you're just getting a piece of foam. Many traditional mattresses are either too rigid and don't fit the curves of your body, or they're too soft and don't provide enough support. Visco-elastic foam mattresses mould themselves to your body shape whilst giving you firm support. That's because a memory foam mattress yields slowly under compression, making no counter pressure, until the load is distributed on the entire area. When the load is removed, the mattress recovers slowly.

So, what are the main, proven benefits of a memory foam mattress?

But what memory foam mattress to buy? What is the best rated memory foam mattress? Well, that's not easy to say, as there are a number of manufacturers who make really good quality memory foam mattresses. Here are some points on the leading brands of memory foam mattresses.

Probably the most well known manufacturer of memory foam mattresses is Tempurpedic. A young and innovative Swedish company, they were the first to see the benefits of a mattress made from visco-elastic foam. Today, you can buy the Tempur-Pedic mattress no matter where you live. Many rate this brand Tempur as the best rated memory foam mattress on the market today..

Older mattress companies have also started making memory foam mattresses. Sealy are now selling their own version called TrueForm. They claim that their memory foam mattress is anti-microbial, dust-mite resistant, and mildew proof - so it's a good choice for those who suffer from allergies..

Serta, "America's Favorite Mattress", also make a visco-elastic foam mattress. They claim that their mattress is considerably cheaper than the competition. Like all leading manufacturers of memory foam mattresses, their mattress is fire resistant and body temperature sensitive. They claim that their memory foam mattress is the cheapest you can buy and is the best value for your money.

Jamison have been making mattresses longer than most and now they also make a memory foam mattress. They claim that the cell structure of their memory foam mattress allows plenty of air to circulate, thereby reducing odors, which can easily trigger off or aggravate common allergies.

They are many other companies today that manufacture memory foam mattresses. The above mentioned are just some of the most well known. They are all household name companies and make some of the best rated mattresses available.

Where to buy a memory foam mattress? Most large department stores and specialist bedding stores stock memory foam mattresses. You can go along and get close up and personal with a mattress. You can check it for comfort, how it feels and even take a a little nap. The main disadvantage is that most department stores, no matter how large, don't stock memory foam mattresses for all brands. That's why buying a memory foam mattress online can be a good option. Online stores can give you excellent detailed information about each mattress brand and you can usually buy a memory foam mattress at a cheaper price than buying in a shop. Also, many retailers offer a trial period with your new memory foam mattress; if you don't like it, you can simply have it returned - so buying can be risk free.

Many top brand memory foam mattresses are expensive. So, do you buy an unknown brand that has been made in China? Again, only you can answer that question. However, most well known brands of mattresses are well known for several reasons; design, technological features, style and trusted after-sales support.

The best advice that we can give anyone looking to buy a memory foam mattress is to take a look at the best memory foam mattresses available from a well known brand and choose one that matches your criteria at the price you can afford. This website will help you with a review of the best memory foam mattresses available so that you can buy with confidence.