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McRoskey Beds

Memory foam and latex are big components in today’s bedding industry, but not everyone is looking for something new. Many people want a more traditional bed that is sturdy enough for years of use and extremely comforting as well.

The McRoskey bed continues to cater to these discerning shoppers who want to find the perfect mattress for their home just as much as McRoskey wants to make the perfect mattress. So, if these mattresses do not use the foams that are so popular today, what exactly is inside these beds?

McRoskey beds are almost entirely made by hand from skilled technicians who know more than a little about making sturdy mattresses that do not lose their shape or fall apart at the seams. From the innerspring coil systems to the top sleeping surface, every detail of every mattress is carefully thought out and designed.

In fact, most of their mattresses are made as custom orders for each individual customer. Further, they are located in the United States and put American citizens to work in San Francisco. Since most of each mattress is put together by hand, they have plenty work to go around.

The coil systems used are shaped like hour glasses are made of high gauge steel. They are all laced together with steel wire and completely encased in high quality fiber that ensures they will not sag, slide out of place, or break off inside the mattress as cheaply made innerspring mattresses tend to do in a rather short period of time.

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Every effort is made to ensure that your McRoskey mattress provides the comfort and support that you need to get a good night of rest without worrying about replacing your mattress set over and over again.

Part of the exceptional quality of McRoskey mattresses is the material that is placed around the innerspring coil system.

Instead of foam which tends to wear thin rather quickly, man-made fiber and cotton are used not only on top of the springs, but underneath them as well. The result is extreme comfort in every area of the bed.

A McRoskey bed is the best mattress for consumers who are not interested in the best new features that hit the market. Sturdy, dependable beds that are made in the traditional fashion by skilled craftsmen who know how to deliver extreme comfort as well as highly durable products are still in high demand.