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If you were to pull up mattress reviews on your current bed, what do you think most of them would say? Odds are you would find a mix of positive and negative reviews, with many falling somewhere on middle ground with pros and cons listed.

Many people are turned off to particular mattresses when they see too many negative reviews, but the fact is many negative consumer mattress reviews are written by people who simply did not do their homework before making a big purchase. Just as you would thoroughly look into a car before putting your money on the line, you need to look into your next mattress to ensure you make the right decision.

So what do consumer reviews of mattresses tell you that you cannot learn from visiting a local furniture store and lying down on a few different beds? They give you firsthand information not only on the basic specs that a manufacturer will rattle off, but on what you can expect after you take your new bed home and start putting it to use.

There is a big difference between what you experience on a showroom floor and what your bed will actually be like after a week, month, and a few years of nightly use.

Consumer opinions of mattresses provide a very valuable service to consumers, as long as you put them in perspective. Don’t just browse through overall ratings and make a decision based on which brands have the most positive reviews.

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Similarly, don’t let a few negative reviews sway your decision too much. It is crucial that you read the reviews and determine why the negative reviews are given.

In most cases, it will be because the consumers simply did not realize what they were purchase. Had they done their research like you are doing right now, that would not have happened!

The fact is, many reviews of mattress brands would be very different had the consumers looked into the purchase before putting out their money. The features they find unsatisfactory could very well be exactly what you are looking for.

For instance, one consumer may mark down a mattress being too firm when they wanted extra cushioning. If you are looking for a very comforting mattress with some softness while remaining firm, you may find this same mattress to be perfect for your sleep needs.

There is definite value in doing the research to determine the best mattress for your needs, as long as mattress reviews thoroughly read for all the value the contain.