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Mattresses ratings can be extremely confusing. Most people simply do a quick internet search for a specific mattress name that they heard about from someone else or maybe already tested out at a local store.

The problem here is that this type of search often delivers more reviews than a person can possibly read, and they differ in their analysis of the mattress. While one may say it’s the best mattress ever the next may say it’s the worst. Most fall somewhere in between listing an equal number of pros and cons.

Instead of giving up altogether on mattress ratings, you should learn how to read them for the valuable information they can offer and ditch the rest of the nonsense.

The first thing you want to determine is which type of mattress is best suited to your needs. Your options are innerspring, foam, latex, air, or a waterbed. A lot of confusion can be eliminated by comparing mattresses within these categories to one another, and not against one another.

For example, compare latex to latex instead of latex to innerspring. Learn what each of these has to offer and then go about finding the best one in the category that fits your needs. The best way to make this decision is to learn about each type of bedding, then turn to the reviews to determine which brands make the best mattresses in your bedding category of choice.

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Let’s look at a couple quick examples. Foam mattress ratings are helpful to consumers who have decided that the extra comfort offered with foam is the best solution for their sleep needs.

They have looked into foam and realize that it may make the bed feel warmer and some people believe they are actually too hot. Then they look to the reviews and discover some brands have designed their foam layers to be cooler and to actually regulate temperatures. This is the kind of information you want to pull out of a mattress review, instead of just looking at the overall rating.

For another example, let’s look at air mattress ratings. These beds are attractive to people who sleep with someone else and like the option of setting each side of the bed to a different level of firmness.

Looking into mattress ratings for an air bed will reveal the best brands and maybe lead to hints on where to find a good deal for comparison shoppers. This is how you avoid the confusion and let mattress reviews work for you, instead of against you!