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Mattress reviews can not only reduce your search time, they can also save you money. Simply walking into a store and lying down on a few mattresses for a minute or two is not the best way to decide which one is going to be the perfect one for you.

Therefore, consumer reviews of mattresses should be your starting point when you're considering buying a new mattress. Mattresses are expensive and you spend a third of your life sleeping on one, so if you don't spend any time finding out about what you're buying chances are you'll be disappointed with your choice.

What mattress review should you read? First off, don't believe everything the manufacturer tells you; after all, their view is always going to be biased.

Likewise, don't believe everything the sales assistant tells you either. Again, the views expressed will be biased to the few brand names the store sells.

Your best bet is to seek unbiased, independent advice. Start by talking to family and friends. The information is usually honest. You can also read trade reviews, but be careful as some magazines receive advertising revenue from mattress manufacturers and you will always be wondering if the reviews they give are really unbiased.

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A Wide Range of Opinions

A great way to seek the best mattress reviews is to go online. There are now many forums where you can ask and post your opinions of mattresses.

The people who will answer your questions are people who have already bought the mattress you're thinking of buying. And, they're ordinary consumers who are giving an honest opinion of the product they've bought.

When reading mattress reviews you should always try to compare like with like; don't for example, compare an air mattress to a latex one. It just doesn't make sense to do so.

Different types of mattresses offer different features. Therefore, before you begin reviewing, you should already have a pretty good idea of what type would best suit your needs.

Compare like with like; one brand of innerspring against another brand of innerspring. Also, compare mattresses of a similar price range. A mattress that costs $300 isn't going to be as good as one costing $3,000.

Finally, don't just base your review of mattresses on what the mattress is made of. You also need to know what sort of warranty you'll be getting. Will the company or store take back the mattress if you're not happy with it or if starts to sag? Many claim they will, but always read the small print to be sure.