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Latex Mattresses

More and more people are deciding to purchase a latex mattress these days, instead of the popular memory foam mattresses. Latex is a heavier, more substantial material that is supportive and extremely comfortable. It has many of the same properties as memory foam, such as conforming to your body’s shape and supporting areas that typically cause you to toss and turn.

Most manufacturers offer different options in terms of firmness and some may come with layers of other material, such as memory foam. A good latex bed will easily last for generations and you never have to flip them. They are even recommended for those with serious allergy problems, since dust mites cannot live in this material and it is highly resistant to the growth of mildew and mold.

Due to the way it is designed and the holes that are placed in the latex core to create different levels of firmness, the latex is able to breathe, which creates more warmth during cold seasons and less heat during the warm seasons. This is truly unique feature of the latex mattress.

What are the Different Types of Latex Mattresses?

The main distinction between this type of mattress regards the actual material that makes up the latex core. Natural Latex Mattresses are made from a product of the rubber tree. They are a completely natural substance and have been on the market for years. Another alternative is Synthetic Latex Mattresses, which are man-made versions of the natural latex material. There actually are little differences between the two, since the synthetic latex is extremely similar to the natural product. You will notice that the all natural latex cores are harder to find and a bit more expensive than synthetics.

One other distinction between these mattresses regards Talalay Latex Mattresses. While this name sounds more exotic and intriguing, it actually just refers to latex that is made a little differently from the standard procedures. It is made to have more of an airy feel, since typical latex cores are springier than other mattresses. This newer process is becoming increasingly popular, though it hasn’t been around as long as the traditional method. Talalay latex cores can include all natural latex, or a blend which includes synthetics.

What is the Best Latex Mattress?

If you are wondering how to pick out the best mattress for your sleeping needs, consider a brief introduction to just a few of the top options being sold today.

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Sealy latex mattress - the Sealy SpringFree mattress comes with an 8.9” core and is made of synthetic latex. There are different models within this line of bedding, and each comes with a knit cover, with different thickness offered with different models. The mattress includes flame resistant materials that are completely non-toxic. What makes this bed stands out is the uniquely designed box spring, which absorbs shock from the weight of your body. Each mattress set comes with a 20 year warranty.

Serta latex mattress - the Serta Vera Wang mattress has an 8” Talalay latex core and is covered in organic cotton fabric which has coated with Aloe Vera. This coating gives it an extremely soft feeling while providing you with a lift in spirits and mood, and it is hypo-allergenic. The best feature on this mattress is the edges, which have extra support making it firm to sleep or sit on. Since latex mattresses do not have metal frames, springs, or coils, they do tend to be softer on the edges, so the strengthened edge here is a great addition.

Some models have another layer of latex foam that is closer to the surface. This collects body heat to keep you more comfortable during the night. This is probably the best bed on the market for anyone with serious allergies.

Another option is the Jamison talalay mattress - the Jamison Choice of Comfort mattress system to be more specific. It has two different layers of latex, which allows you to choose two different firmness levels and flip the mattress to change between them. The cover has silk in it for a smooth feel.

If you want an extremely durable and comfortable bed that will last for well over twenty years, then look for a latex mattress that has more latex and less filler from other materials.