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Latex Mattress Reviews

Pouring through the latest latex mattress reviews can be quite entertaining. It is almost humorous the way one person’s dream mattress quickly turns into another person’s nightmare. Usually there is one or two major complaints that come out against a particular mattress, though in general consumer reviewers tend to have very similar experiences as long as they have chosen wisely between firm and more plush mattresses. So, what are the best latex mattresses on the market right now according to the consumers who have earned the right to voice their opinions?

Reviews of latex mattresses can give you a great idea of what to purchase and not purchase, as long as you read closely. Sometimes there are legitimate complaints against a particular model and other times it’s a case of a consumer who chose a firm mattress when they really wanted something super plush and cushy.

The Englander Nature's Finest mattress has been touted as one of the best latex mattresses on the market and there are some reviews to back up this reputation.

Yet, there is one common complaint that comes up routinely. Many foam based mattresses have long suffered the accusation that they cause sleepers to break out in a sweat in the middle of the night, and that seems to be the only downfall to Englander’s natural latex mattress. This is a rather simple problem to solve if you simply use lighter sheets and add a pillow topper onto the mattress.

There are not as many reviews for the Restonic HealthRest latex mattress out there because it is not as well known a brand, but for the most part consumers who already own one of these beds are quite pleased with their purchase.

There are some general complaints that the foam mattresses from this brand may not hold up as long as some competing brands, but overall the consumers who do go with Restonic latex mattresses remain pleased with their purchase.

Reading a review of the Sealy PosturePedic latex mattress will make you want to run straight to the furniture store and buy one for yourself.

There simply aren’t many flaws to be found in this mattress, unless you count the one odd ball here and there who claims it didn’t last more than twenty years. The fact is the PosturePedic mattress is one of the best latex models on the market right now.

If you put credit in the latest latex mattress reviews, Sealy’s Posturepedic wins out without question. There are hundreds of reviews out there and mostly people are raving about this bed.