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Latex Mattress Comparisons

Searching for the perfect mattress set can become exhausting and confusing. It is rather easy to decide you want to purchase a latex mattress, but how do you decide which brand and which specific model is best for your sleep needs? Before stressing out that there are simply too many options to make sense of, consider latex mattress comparisons of the top two currently being offered.

When you try to compare latex mattresses, it is important to notice how much latex is actually inside the mattress and whether it is combined with other high quality materials, such as memory foam.

Latex has largely become popular with consumers who like the conforming abilities of memory foam but find it holds in too much body heat and makes for a very hot and not so restful night. Latex is also more resilient and tends to last much longer than your typical memory foam mattress.

The ideal bed will include a solid core of latex or a considerable amount of latex on top of a very high quality, high gauge steel innerspring system. One of the best (and more expensive) options is the Englander Nature's Finest mattress.

It includes solid layers of latex that extend to every area of the mattress so you really feel supported no matter where you lay. Englander is also known for high quality mattresses that are built to last for many years without caving or forming deep body impressions—as is common with some memory foam mattresses.

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Two other options that don’t quite stack up to the same quality as the Englander bed are the Sealy Posturepedic latex mattress and the Restonic HealthRest latex mattress.

While these may not include as much latex within each mattress, they do offer a considerable amount and even combine it with high quality memory foam.

The Posturepedic latex bed includes latex only in the Signature series models, and it is not a solid layer across the entire bed. Instead, it includes one single layer of latex and memory foam, with each material placed in specific areas of the mattress to deliver extra support just where your body needs it most. The rest of the bed is made with other materials, which may not be as high quality as the latex itself.

There is one more thing to take into consideration when doing latex mattress comparisons: price.

The more latex is in a mattress the bigger the number on the price tag will be. When you are dealing with all natural latex, you can expect an even higher price. There is always an extra charge for luxury!