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Latex Foam Mattress

You have come to the right place if you have heard about the latex foam mattress but are uncertain what makes it so special in the bedding market. There are actually many benefits of this material that make it stand out in the very crowded mattress market today. Once you understand exactly what this material is, it is very easy to see why it is the preferred bedding material for a growing number of manufacturers and consumers alike.

Looking at latex foam mattresses in a store, you may not be able to see much difference between them and the other mattresses sitting nearby. They are just as pleasing to the eye as any other, but it’s what is beneath that exterior sleeping surface that makes it superior to all other bedding types.

Take the pressure points that often become a problem with innerspring mattresses. We are talking about the parts of your body that naturally absorb the weight of your body when you sleep on a mattress that does not properly support you from all angles.

If you buy a latex foam mattress, that will no longer be a problem because this material conforms around the body to give you proper support and alignment that cannot be offered by most innerspring mattresses.

The ability to conform and support is similar to memory foam, but latex mattresses last for much longer. You can easily expect your mattress to live well over twenty years, many remaining comfortable for thirty years or more. This is because it is a natural resource from the rubber tree and is extremely resilient, therefore not breaking down as easily as foam.

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There are two different options when you decide to buy a latex mattress. A natural latex foam mattress will have a core made of all natural latex with no chemical alterations.

The product is taken from the rubber tree and whipped into foam, then formed into the core of different densities. These mattresses can be harder to find and do run a little higher in price than a good synthetic latex foam mattress.

The synthetic material is designed to closely mimic all of the properties of the natural latex, and can be found in many mattresses at a lower price.

When you lay on one of these mattresses you cannot really tell the difference between the real latex and a synthetic variety, but many people like the idea of having an all natural substance in their bed and go with the natural core.

Either way you go, the latex foam mattress is becoming the most popular choice in bedding not only for comfort, but because it will last so much longer than other beds.