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Latex Beds

Before you assume that you cannot afford a bed made with latex, consider for a moment the real reason latex beds tend to sell for more than memory foam and other types of high quality materials. Is it just that they are currently popular and manufacturers want to profit as much as possible, or could the price tag actually be justified?

Unfortunately, the prices are higher for latex beds because it is an all natural material that is more resilient and a little harder to process than cheaper man-made foams. Natural latex foam comes straight from the rubber tree, which is where it gets the extra resilience and buoyancy that memory foam doesn’t quite have.

Natural latex beds do cost a little more, but you can purchase synthetic latex beds at prices more comparable to memory foam models. This is because the synthetic variety is a man-made product created to mimic the properties of the highly sought after natural latex.

So, why would anyone pay extra just to bring home a latex bed mattress when there are comfortable alternatives that may be available for a lower price?

For starters, many consumers like the idea of sleeping on a latex foam bed because it is an all natural substance that is usually manufactured with more environmentally friendly processes. It is also a hypo-allergenic material that is resistant to dust mites and other bed infestations that may become a problem with other mattress materials.

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There are also different types of latex materials. Some beds use all natural foams while others use synthetic versions, but talalay latex beds are now the most popular option.

Talalay latex is only different from other forms because of the way it is processed into the foam material. It is designed with a lighter consistency that allows it to breathe more without trapping in heat. This process gives it more of a springy feel and eliminates the issue of overheating in a foam based bed.

The best part of sleeping on latex is the conforming nature of the material. You will actually feel the latex pushing back on your body, supporting every inch of your frame. This relieves pressure points just as well as memory foam, though latex mattresses tend to last a little longer.

Latex beds can be quite expensive, especially if you go for those with a solid latex core. If you find they are simply out of your budget, consider adding a latex bed topper onto whatever mattress you are already sleeping on.