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Kingsdown Mattress

Kingsdown mattresses are a truly exceptional mattress. Kingsdown has been in business for over a hundred years and no one has put more research into the development of conventional mattress than has Kingsdown.

Over 10 years of research and technology has created the perfect sleep machine - the Body System.

Each Kingsdown mattress is made to order and the company's patented computer system - DormoDiagnostics - takes the guesswork out of buying a mattress. It scientifically determines your unique body profile, and specifies the sleep system best suited to your needs.

Kingsdown worked with two medical specialists and one hundred different households of all different demographics to compile the stats needed to come up with 17,000 mathematical equations the diagnostics program uses to choose the perfect mattress for you and your partner. After just 2 minutes, the DormoDiagnostics system digitally analyzes your body’s unique needs and recommends a custom sleep system designed to help you enjoy a perfect night’s rest.

Building on from DormoDiagnostics, Kingsdown Body System® mattress sets take into account your exact body shape. Body System® mattress sets are made with the Kingsdown-exclusive full coil system and the hand-tufted system ensures proper alignment of the spine, shoulders and hips thereby giving you the exact support you need.

The Kingsdown Crown Imperial Plush mattress uses the ProEdge Spring System in the mattress and box spring, thereby giving greater comfort and a perimeter that is 20% firmer giving a better edge to edge support. The queen mattress is designed with 832 coils.

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ProEdge coils are strategically postioned around the full perimeter for more stability, more support, and even more comfort over the entire sleeping surface. An exclusive layer of imported CONJUGATE FIBERS and QUILTING FOAM are multi-needle quilted to the beautiful damask cover. Resilience to body impressions is reduced thanks to the use special fiber technology and coatings, helping to ensure no sagging. This Kingsdown mattress is hypo-allergenic. Two layers of exclusive FLEXATRON, combined with a layer of high-density SUPERSOFT FOAM, and an ultra-thick layer of CONVOLUTED QUALATEX, give you a low pressure sleep surface for longer, undisturbed sleep.

If you're looking for a top rated conventional mattress then a mattress from Kingsdown could be just right for you. Kingsdown is an employee-owned company and is a recognized leader in the industry, serving exclusive retailers across the United States, Canada, and over 20 other countries worldwide. Kingsdown is the only innerspring mattress manufacturer to receive the National Home Furnishings Association Award of Excellence.