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Kingsdown BodySystem Mattresses

If you haven’t heard of the Kingsdown BodySystem mattress, then you are missing out on one of the most technologically advanced beds on the market today. While Kingsdown has been selling innerspring mattresses for many years, they are now offering beds that are matched up to your specific sleep preferences and body profile. How exactly is that possible?

They use a computerized Body Diagnostic system which takes into account key information about your body and sleep needs, then spits out a recommendation for the bed that will likely be your perfect fit.

There have been a lot of great things said about Kingsdown BodySystem mattresses in mattress reviews on the web, but it is important to remember that one Body System mattress is not necessarily the same as the next.

As with any line of mattresses, there are different models with different features and what is inside the mattress varies from one to the other. Since it’s what sits inside the mattress that makes the difference between a high quality, extremely comfortable mattress and one that flops, make sure you are reading about the mattress you would be purchasing before going on the word of a review.

What can be usefully gained from a mattress review is that the BodySystem mattress by Kingsdown could very well help you find the perfect mattress, whether you purchase from them or not. Just like anything with modern technology, the computerized Body Diagnostic system is not perfect. Yet, it can give valuable insight into the mattress features and materials that will lead to the best night of sleep in your life.

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So how exactly does all this work? You have to go into a Kingsdown retailer and take a short questionnaire, and then lay down on a special computerized bed which takes information about your weight and other body features.

The computer does the rest of the work and you will be matched to a specific mattress that should meet all of your sleep needs. Of course, a computer suggestion is only secondary to actually laying on the bed and testing it out for yourself, but just seeing the type of mattress you are matched up with could in fact lead you to find the perfect bed, even if it is not a Kingsdown.

For example, if you are matched to a Kingsdown BodySystem plush mattress than it is likely that a plush mattress with similar materials from other well known manufacturers such as Sealy or Simmons will likely fit you just as well.

There is nothing magical about the Kingsdown BodySystem mattress, but the way they are linked into computer technology could more insight into selecting the best mattress for each individual consumer.