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Kingsdown BodyDiagnostics

Kingsdown BodyDiagnostics is a computerized system which allows you to be matched up with what should be the best bed for your sleep needs and body type. Computers are becoming a key component to virtually every part of life these days, so it was only a matter of time until the bedding industry linked technology with sleep research and integrated it into the mattress market as well.

The question is how accurate are these computerized bed matches, and are the beds you may take home in the end of equal quality to other top brands in the same price range?

Having a BodyDiagnostics mattress matched to you personally has an appealing ring to it, but you still have to carefully consider what is inside the bed and how it stacks up to similarly priced mattresses. In fact, there is a chance you could find a mattress priced lower that has the same features as the bed you are matched up with in a Kingsdown showroom. Which one should you go with in the end?

The truth is Kingsdown mattresses are high quality and offer many of the most popular features and materials on the market today, including dual and adjustable beds.

While you will not find a wide selection of solid latex or memory foam core mattresses, these materials are incorporated with their innerspring mattresses in some models. Pretty much any material or style of innerspring mattress you could want can be found to some degree within the Kingsdown brand.

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When looking at the BodyDiagnostics mattresses without considering the advantage of being matched to a specific one, they are highly competitive with other mid-to-high priced mattresses but there is nothing that makes them stand out too much.

You will receive a high quality bed that provides great body support and is comfortable for many years to come, but that can also be provided by other brands, such as the Sealy Posturepedic mattresses.

If you truly want the best mattress for your sleep needs and body type, then it would be helpful to see which mattress the Diagnostics system recommends for you. Then find out what is inside the mattress and shop around to find similar mattress that could be more competitively priced.

The unique BodyDiagnostics system does make Kingsdown stand out in the market. The amount of sleep research and technology that has gone into their current offerings is quite impressive, but that alone does not mean that the Kingsdown BodyDiagnostics bed you take home is far superior to any other bed with similar features.