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King Koil Pillow Top Mattresses

If you want an extremely comfortable bed but don’t necessarily want to pay extremely high prices to take it home then a King Koil pillow top mattress is probably your best choice.

There are many lower priced pillow tops being offered from brands that are not well known in the industry, and they are mostly made from extremely low quality materials inside the mattress. Low quality material translates to a bed that grows uncomfortable extremely fast, especially with a pillow top that may form deep body impressions if the material inside the topper is not resilient enough. So, what exactly does King Koil offer that other lower priced mattresses neglect?

A King Koil pillowtop combines reasonably high quality materials with some of the latest designs and technological advances available on the market right now. Popular models such as the King Koil Alexandria pillow top and the Mayfield model bring uniquely designed coils together with ultra comforting pillow tops to deliver an unbelievably comfortable mattress for a relatively low price.

The coils may not be the absolute best available on the market today, but they are strong enough to sustain regular use. The coil counts in most models are also higher than other mattresses found within the lower price range, which means they are likely to hold up a little longer than other cheap mattresses from lesser known brand names.

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The foams used inside the pillow tops are also of a higher quality than many no-name brands use in this lower price range, though once again you cannot expect it to be the highest density out there.

Overall, you are purchasing a lower priced bed from a manufacturer that is known for exceptional quality within that lower price range.

This means the King Koil plush pillow top mattress may not be satisfactory to a more discriminating consumer who demands the absolute best for their bedroom, but for a lot of consumers who want an affordable mattress with decent quality and exceptional comfort it is more than satisfactory.

There is also the option of the King Koil firm pillow top mattress for those who want the extra comfort of a pillow top but don’t necessarily want the extreme plush surface that pillow tops are known for.

Whether you want to sleep in the clouds with an ultra plush surface or want something a little more on the firm side, there is a King Koil pillow top mattress that falls within your price range.