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King Koil Natural Response Mattresses

Mattress reviews are rather conflicting on the King Koil Natural Response, so is it a good purchase or not? As with any mattress on the market today, the answer to this question depends on what you expect and demand from a mattress and how much you are willing to pay to get exactly what you want. This line of King Koil mattresses are at the lower end of the market with prices that most consumers can afford, but it is important that a mattress is not chosen on price point alone.

When you consider what is actually inside a King Koil Natural Response mattress it seems that you are receiving quite a bit for the lower price. At the bottom of the mattress is a layer of supporting coils topped with another layer of smaller coils. The bottom layer is designed to give support to the mattress and the top layer is designed to help contour to your body for more support and gentle comfort.

On top of the coils are a layer of soft latex and a layer of firmer latex. The softer foam adds to the comfort and conforming nature of the mattress while the firmer layer is there to make the mattress as a whole more durable. There is also a layer of Nuform foam with Ventilex, which is simply a foam material designed to conform to your body. This Ventilex foam is more resilient than other foams used in some cheaper mattresses on the market.

Rather unique pillows are then layered across the entire mattress and surrounded with a firm foam encasement. Together these elements work to reduce the amount of motion transfer that is felt when someone moves on the sleep surface. This is a feature of higher priced mattresses, so it is a good deal to find in a low priced product.

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The Natural response mattress by Koing Koil also has a layer of visco-elastic memory foam on the very top, so you do receive quite a bit of foam and latex for a rather low price.

Yet, there are still quite a few negative reviews of this mattress, but surprisingly many of them have little to do with the mattress and everything to do with the quality of customer care that comes from the company when a defect is found.

The King Koil Natural collection does offer a lot for the lower end price range, but beware that memory foam mattresses as a whole can form body impressions as the foam is compressed on a regular basis.

If you want a memory foam bed regardless, the King Koil Natural Response is a very affordable option.