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King Koil Latex Mattresses

Finding the perfect foam mattress often leads people to a King Koil latex mattress. While these mattresses do not feature a solid latex core as some more expensive mattresses offer, they combine different varieties of latex with a wide selection of memory foam to create mattresses that are hard to beat in terms of comfort.

Picking out a King Koil Comfort Solutions latex mattress gives you several different options. Comfort Solutions is an umbrella name for several different mattress collections which feature a variety of different mattresses. Within each of these collections are latex mattresses with various features, so everyone will be able to find the perfect mattress for their individual sleep needs.

The King Koil Perfect Contour Reaction Collection is one of the most popular models. It is an all foam mattress that contains various types of memory foam and latex foams arranged from corner to corner. This ensures that every spot on the sleeping surface provides continues support and comfort no matter where you lay. From super soft waved memory foam to latex designed for superior body conforming, every layer of this mattress delivers something vital to the overall sleeping experience.

King Koil latex mattresses also come with innerspring systems, including stacked coils that provide an unbelievable level of body support without sacrificing comfort. Each mattress features a different amount of latex, but most include several different layers with different varieties of latex foam. Each layer works together and with the coils below to allow the mattress to support the body from all angles.


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One of the best mattresses offered from this brand is the King Koil Posture Bond latex mattress. It is designed with proper spinal alignment in mind and is guaranteed to give adequate support to every area of the body, especially the spots that normally take the brunt of your weight when lying down.

Any latex mattress from King Koil will offer a combination of latex and memory foams of different densities. Firmer foam gives support while plush layers deliver conforming comfort. You essentially get the best of both worlds in every mattress.

A King Koil latex mattress is a good value because of the amount of latex and memory foam included in most of their models. Instead of limiting these materials to small zones, every inch of the mattress is covered for even comfort and support.