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Is King Koil A Good Mattress?

King Koil mattresses have been on the market all over the world since the late 1800s. This history may give some comfort since it would seem they have a handle on what they are doing by this point, but how just how competitive is the brand today? Are they keeping up with the times and putting out mattresses with the latest features and materials, or are they stuck in the past with regular innerspring mattresses?

There are plenty King Koil mattresses that feature innerspring systems, but the world of innerspring mattresses has greatly evolved. Fortunately, King Koil has kept up with these changes and offers some of the most recent developments in mattress technology.

The best innerspring mattress they offer is the King Koil Natural Response collection. Instead of one weak layer of springs all tied together, this mattress features the innovative double tiered coils. This design includes a firm layer of coils with a softer, more flexible layer stacked directly on top. This allows the mattress to comfort and support your body to a greater degree than regular innerspring mattresses.

The Natural Response mattresses also have several different layers of latex and one layer of visco-memory foam, all stacked on top of the coils. It also features extra edge support to extend the life of the mattress and keep everything from shifting out of place.

Keeping up with the times even more, King Koil also offers mattresses made entirely from foam. More and more people are looking for a mattress that does not include the metal springs, which makes the foam mattress niche a hard market to compete in. Fortunately for the brand, King Koil remains a front runner in this area as well.

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The King Koil Perfect Contour mattress collection features mostly innerspring mattresses, but it also has a very competitive all foam model. This model stacks various densities and varieties of foams, including several varieties of latex. The end result is an extremely comfortable mattress that totally wraps the body in pressure relieving comfort.

Another competitive market is the body support and pain relieving mattress niche. Tempurpedic has long been the leader in this market, but the King Koil Spine Support has extended itself as a great alternative.

King Koil mattresses remain one of the leading brands in the industry. They have managed to blend their experience with crafting top quality mattresses with the newest materials and design ideas to remain competitive with newer brands and models.