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Jamison Resort Foam Mattresses

If you have ever gone to a resort for vacation, chances are you may have already slept in a Jamison Resort Foam mattress and not realized it. In fact, most people assume the ultra luxurious beds they sleep in at hotels or resorts are specially made for that industry and are not available for home use.

This is completely untrue, as many high quality beds that are winners in comfy resort rooms are on the market for anyone who wants to take one home. The question is not so much how you get one, but why you should get one.

The fact that the Jamison Resort mattress is commonly used for resort accommodations speaks to the longevity of the mattress.

It takes a high quality mattress to deal with constant use by people of all different body types and sizes. The fact that the Jamison foam mattress can hold up for years and remain comfortable for visitors like yourself speaks very well for how it may perform in your own bedroom.

So, where do the Jamison Resort Foam mattresses get all that soft comfort they are so well known for? Visco-memory foam has been on the market for years now, and it is the culprit behind the plush cushioning and support that Jamison is well known for. Yet, it is important to note that not every model in the Resort Foam collection uses this type of foam alone.

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This line of bedding also makes use of other types of foams, including Talalay latex, Omalon, the brand’s uniquely designed Resort Foam. These are all excellent bedding materials that combine to make an ultra relaxing bed, whether you are by the ocean getting away from life or in the throws of life and seeking your own bedroom resort.

Visco-memory is the foam that is used in competing beds, such as the Tempurpedic. For comparison purposes, it is important to note that not every Resort Foam model uses that exact same foam.

There are not a lot of consumer mattress reviews weighing in on this line of bedding just yet, but it is likely because not many people realize a resort quality bed can be found within an affordable price range for the home. Jamison as a brand receives very high ratings and is recommended by most consumers who have already purchased a Jamison bed of some sort.

The Jamison Resort Foam mattress can turn your bedroom into a luxurious getaway, no matter how hectic your life may otherwise. Using several different varieties of foam allow each mattress to tailor to individual sleep needs so that there is a mattress for everyone.