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Jamison Pocket Coil Mattresses

Pocketed coils can make the difference between an extremely comforting bed that moves with your body for continuous support, and one that causes harsh pressure points that lead to stiff joints and aches in the morning.

All of the top name brands are now offering models that include pocketed coils of some sort, but the Jamison pocket coil mattress remains one of the most popular. What makes the Jamison pocketed coil so much better than other leading brands, such as Aireloom and Simmons?

The biggest competitor of the Jamison coil mattress is the widely known BeautyRest collection from Simmons. Not only has BeautyRest been a popular name for many generations, but it offers high quality pocketed coil mattresses that routinely score high in mattress ratings and reviews. Some of the BeautyRest models also feature high quality memory foam for even more comfort.

The Jamison coil mattress does have some tough competition from well known manufacturers, but the popular Jamison Crest Collection has several features which make it the better option for many consumers. High quality pocketed coils are at the heart of every mattress in this collection, but they also give the consumer the choice of several different types of high quality foams. This allows each consumer to tailor their new bed to their own preferences.

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Jamison pocket coil mattresses can be made with Talalay latex, memory foam, or Omalon foam. Since a common complaint against foam bedding is that they are too hot for comfort, the memory foam used in the Jamison pocket coil mattress is specially designed to control body temperature.

While this sets it apart from many cheaper made memory foam mattresses, the BeautyRest models also claim to dissipate heat from the body.

What does set Jamison apart from Simmons is the ability to choose Talalay latex or Omalon foam instead of the memory foam, considering most other beds vary the materials by model but do not give consumers the open choice.

Deciding between a Jamison pocket coil mattress and similar beds such as Beauty Rest comes down to what you are looking for in a bed.

If you want the pocket coils but would prefer another type of foam besides memory foam, then the extra options available through Jamison may make the final decision for you. If you do want memory foam, then these beds are a lot alike and it may come down to the best deal you can find online.