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Jamison Memory Foam Mattresses

There are a lot of mattresses hitting the market that feature memory foam as the main comfort material, and it can be extremely confusing to figure out what makes one better than the next.

Some consumers simply go with the lowest price and assume that memory foam is memory foam, but they are often the same consumers who end up writing reviews of great disappointment. Others go on higher priced models such as the Jamison memory foam mattress or a Tempurpedic, assuming something must be better to justify the price difference. Often, they are just as disappointed.

So what is a smart shopper to do?

It is important to realize that price is not everything when it comes to picking the best mattress for your individual needs. The top brands often put a lot more into advertising and branding and some of the higher prices are simply due to those extra expenses. It’s just like buying a pair of designer jeans. The denim may be of a much higher quality, but it also may be the same as lesser priced brands but the name on that back tag gives that specific brand a higher value.

When shopping for a mattress you have to use the same kind of reasoning and decide if you want to spend more money to have a specific brand name or if you want to compare and get the best value overall. Since your linen will hide the name tag on your mattress much better than your halter may hide your designer jeans, the actual quality of the product matters much more than brand name when it comes to a mattress. So, how does the Jamison foam mattress stack up to the competition when all name tags are stripped away?

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The Jamison memory mattress uses visco-memory foam as well as latex foams, Omalon foam, and Resort Foam, which is a creation unique to the brand. Each adds comfort and superior body support into the mattress, though not every model in the line necessarily includes the more popular visco-memory foam.

Regardless, the overall comfort of a Jamison Resort Foam memory mattress is similar if not exceeding the comfort of other popular models, including the Tempurpedic bed.

Many resorts are now using the Jamison memory foam mattress in their accommodations, which speaks highly of the durability and resilience of the bed as a whole. The Resort Foam bed is a high quality option that will last for years, while remaining lower in price than many competing memory foam beds.