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Jamison Latex Mattresses

Not all latex foams are created equal, which is why the Jamison latex mattress and other brands that use high quality Talalay latex are often a better deal than those made with the more traditional Dunlop latex. If you are scratching your head wondering what the difference is, then you are not alone. Most consumers looking for a new bed know of the many benefits of latex but do not realize that there are differences in latex varieties.

Jamison latex mattresses are different from most other brands being sold today because they have two different layers of latex, each with a different density. The density is what determines the firmness and level of comfort on the sleep surface.

Having a different density on each side of the mattress allows you to flip the mattress over according to which level of firmness you prefer at any given time of your life. Half the beauty of a latex mattress is that they typically do not need flipped at all, so putting different densities of latex on each side so you can flip if you want is ingenious.

That alone is enough to sell a Jamison talalay latex mattress, but there is something else that Jamison does to ensure their bedding remains among the best that can be found anywhere.

The Jamison Equalizer latex mattress adds in uniquely designed coils that completely eliminate motion transfer across the bed. Each mattress includes the same type of steel coils that many other high end mattresses use, but Jamison has essentially re-designed them with their Smart Coil Technology.

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Less motion transfer is essential for couples, since there is nothing more annoying than being woken up by someone else’s bathroom habits or tendency to toss and turn. The Smart Coils used in the Equalizer latex bed eliminates this problem to a great degree.

A Talalay mattress is the best mattress in the latex industry because it is manufactured to allow better temperature in the mattress.

It is also more resilient, which means it will move with your body and hug around you so that your body remains properly supported no matter which sleep position you may take.

While it is not essential that you know all the details about how Talalay latex is made or how it differs from Dunlop latex, it is important that you understand there is a difference. Mattresses such as the Jamison latex mattress may be priced a little higher than some Dunlop latex models, but the extra comfort and support they offer makes up for the price difference in the end.