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Isotonic Memory Foam Mattress

The mattress market is flooded with foam based mattresses right now, which makes it a little confusing for consumers who want the best mattress on the market without overspending on a big name brand that could be matched by a lesser name brand.

As with any major purchase, the question of whether to stick with a well known yet higher priced brand name or trust something with less ambitious advertising in hopes the quality is just as high, is a tricky business to maneuver. So, where does the Isotonic memory foam mattress fall in this crowded marketplace, and how does it compare with the top brands being sold?

Overall, the Isotonic foam mattress is a high quality product that delivers in terms of comfort and durability. While they are priced considerably lower than other top brands such as the Tempurpedic mattress line, they still put up a good fight to remain competitive. The main difference is in the density of the foam used.

An Isotonic Memory Foam Sleep System uses four pound density Omalon foam as the support base. On top of that is the memory foam which conforms to your body and provides comfort and spinal support that is hard to match with other mattress materials.

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While this is a high density product that is definitely a good deal for the lower price range it is offered in, it isn’t quite the density of more expensive models. For example, the Tempurpedic mattresses use 5 pound density foam for the bottom support layer.

Considering this information, Isotonic memory foam mattresses may not be the absolute best mattresses being sold right now, but they may very well be the best in their price range.

The brand actually claims that the lower density of their Omalon base support foam is a better deal because it allows for more air circulation and having higher air content cuts actually extends the life of the mattress.

Whether that is actually true or not is contested within the market, but either way the Isotonic memory foam mattress is a competitive factor on the market today.

For many consumers, it comes out the best option since the price can be up to half the cost of other top brands and the quality is just slightly lower. In the end it measures out to a very comfortable mattress offered at a reasonable price that many consumers can easily afford.