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Isotonic Mattress

Isotonic mattresses are made from the best memory foam that's made in America. The visco-elastic foam used in each mattress is supplied from America's largest manufacturer of foam products. An Isotonic memory foam mattress is made from 2 layers of memory foam and a foundation foam base of Omalon - one of the most durable foams on the market.

Unlike its competitor, Tempur-Pedic, the cheaper Isotonic foam mattress set is made from 4lb memory foam instead of 5lb used in a Tempurpedic mattress. This has two benefits. Firstly, manufacturing costs are reduced. You can purchase an Isotonic memory foam mattress that is up to $1,000 cheaper than the equivalent Tempur-Pedic mattress. Secondly, the Isotonic mattress feels softer than the Tempur-Pedic but without being too soft.

Don't think that the softer foam means its in anyway inferior. The manufacturer believes that its foam has 4 times the compression set of the Tempur-Pedic memory foam - which means that the mattress will continue to revert to its original shape longer than the Tempur-Pedic memory foam.

The Isotonic Perfect Comfort mattress is now available in either 8" or 10" profile. The Isotonic Comfort memory foam mattress set is composed of three layers of foam to give you the best support possible. Each layer is laminated together to improve ventilation and the whole mattress is covered in Damask tone-on-tone Mattelaise Cotton-blend stretch knit fabric.


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The Isotonic Perfect Comfort Plus mattress is constructed from 5lb density memory foam rather than 4lb. Just like the Isotonic Comfort mattress, the Perfect Comfort mattress from Isotonic comes in either an 8" or 10" profile. There's an optional 8" DuraLife foundation that has been constructed from kiln-dried, yellow southern pine. The foundation is covered in a matching quilted CoolMax fabric.

Another best-seller is the Isotonic mattress topper. It has been designed to fit on top of your existing mattress. There's no doubting that an Isotonic foam mattress pad will add to the luxurious feel, comfort and support of your existing mattress. Any mattress type is enhanced - innerspring mattress, airbed, waterbed, guest bed, day bed. and sofa bed. An Isotonic mattress topper is made of luxurious 2" 4 lb density temperature sensitive memory foam.