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Isotonic Mattress Topper

Istonic mattresses offer top notch body support and overall comfort that is only matched by higher quality foam and latex mattresses, but there is another option for people who don’t necessarily have the funds to purchase an all new mattress set. No matter what type of bed you currently own, an Isotonic mattress topper could be an inexpensive key to restoring restful sleep to your life.

Each Isotonic topper is made completely from pure visco-elastic foam that has been manufactured for better air circulation and temperature control.

They are essentially pads of two inch thickness covered with pure cotton material that is quilted for extra comfort. The foam used is 2 pound density, which makes it a high quality pad with adequate support and depth for a comfortable night of rest.

With an Isotonic memory foam topper, it doesn’t matter what type of mattress you are actually sleeping on. No matter how old or outdated your current bed may be, it can feel like an entirely new bed with one of these toppers resting on top.

This gives you the option of essentially buying a new bed without the cost. You also spare the hassle of shopping around for a mattress set and hauling it into your home.

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Another benefit to an Isotonic mattress pad is that it is cheaper and easier to replace when it starts to wear down. Memory foam is well known for its ability to compress and support, but with time some mattresses can lose some resiliency and form body impressions that are uncomfortable to sleep in. If this happens with a topper a few years down the road you are not out much cash and can easily replace it with a brand new topper.

If you are seriously considering a topper instead of a completely new sleep system, check into the Isotonic Iso-Cool mattress pad. It is designed to allow better air flow and trap in less of your body heat, delivering a cooler night of rest for consumers who find foam mattresses to be too hot to sleep in. This eliminates another common complaint consumers have against foam mattresses.

Essentially, an Isotonic mattress topper gives the feel of a brand new bed without the cost and hassle of actually purchasing a whole new bed. This is an affordable alternative to anyone who doesn’t have the cash or simply wants a better night of sleep while saving some money.