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Isotonic Iso-Cool Mattress Pad

Are you ready to consider an alternative to expensive foam mattress sets? Better yet, are you ready to save hundreds of dollars on the purchase of your next bed? If so, then the Isotonic Iso-Cool mattress pad is worth your serious consideration. Whatever type of bed you are currently sleeping on, it can only be improved with the addition of an Isotonic topper.

Each Isotonic Iso-Cool pad consists of a three inch layer of high quality visco-elastic foam. It is covered in pure cotton fabric that adds to the softness and overall comfort of the pad.

This may sound like just what you are looking for, but there are other toppers being offered from competing brands that offer thicker pads and higher density foams. So, is the Isotonic Iso-Cool memory foam pad a good buy or is there something better out there in the same price range?

It is true that a memory foam mattress pad can be purchased for less than the cost of an Isotonic, but many of them do not handle body heat in the way the Isotonic Iso-Cool topper handles it.

One common complaint against foam based mattresses is that they hold in heat, making the sleep surface unbearably hot. The foam used in the Iso-Cool topper is manufactured to hold in that heat and release it only when your body temperature needs it.

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New technology is constantly improving on the foams that are used in our mattresses, and the temperature control that is offered through these toppers go a long way to eliminating the problem of overheating in a foam mattress. This makes the quality of foam used in Isotonic toppers much better than that of competing brands that may sell for less, but contain very hot types of foam.

Another option to increase the overall comfort of your bed is to purchase Isotonic Iso-Cool pillows as well. These pillows are made with the same high quality foam as the toppers, but they are designed to cradle and support your head all night long. Even if you purchased pillows and the toppers, you will likely spend hundreds less than if you purchased an entire new mattress system.

Isotonic is the best mattress within its low price range, but now that cost can be reduced even more by purchasing an Isotonic Iso-Cool mattress pad for the bed your currently own. You still receive the same quality and comfort offered from a full Isotonic bed, but you will keep a little more of your money for other things.