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Isoform Classic Bed

The Isoform Classic Bed is different from most other mattresses made with a foam core. Most of the competing brands have one form of foam that they use, though it may be included in different layers at different densities to achieve a desired feel on the sleeping surface.

In making the Isoform bed, Bergad uses two different types of foam to provide support as well as comfort in the same mattress. The result is a well designed bed that is extremely comfortable, yet keeps your body pain free night after night.

It would not be difficult to find quite a few consumer mattress reviews raving about the Bergad Isoform Classic as the best mattress on the market right now.

This may be a little surprising considering the Isoform Classic sells for hundreds of dollars less than competing brands that market foam beds with similar features. Does this lower price mean there is something wrong with the Isoform mattress, or that it lacks in some way?

Fortunately for millions of people who do not have a pocketbook deep enough to purchase otherĀ  popular beds such as those in the Tempurpedic line, the quality and comfort of a Isoform bed is not lacking in any way.

In fact, the use of two different types of foam allows each mattress to deliver the firm support every body needs while keeping you comfortable and at a natural body temperature for your body. The bottom layer of foam has a lower density weight and is very supportive, while the top layer is a higher density weight and provides extraordinary comfort.

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While the Isoform memory foam bed is designed to breathe better than other foam mattresses, it does tend to sleep a little warmer than a regular innerspring mattress.

While many people find this comforting, it is not so comforting to others. In order to combat the issue, Bergad has designed a unique fabric cover that effectively takes heat and moisture from the body and evaporates it into the air.

This Coolmax fabric is one option for the top fabric, with environmentally friendly and extremely soft bamboo fabric being the second option.

The Isoform Classic Bed delivers a lot of the comforting features and materials of higher priced beds, but keeps the tag well under a thousand dollars for the top mattress alone.

The ability to have an extremely comfortable night of sleep on a mattress that lasts for well over five years easily and not have to pay thousands of dollars for it is a great opportunity for people who cannot necessarily afford the competing brands.