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Intelli-Gel Mattress vs. Memory Foam

The Intelli-Gel Mattress has made a big splash in the market as a potential better option to memory foam, but does it live up to all the hype? Is the gel technology developed for these mattresses all that it claims to be, or will flaws be revealed a year or two down the road after consumers purchase and bring them home?

For starters, it would not be too surprising if a minor flaw or two were discovered with time, as that is exactly what happened with memory foam. Consumers have reported foam mattresses becoming extremely hot to sleep in as the foam compresses and traps in body heat. Foam is also susceptible to creating body impressions that become extremely uncomfortable with time, especially in models with lower quality foams. Yet, these mattresses continue to be some of the most popular models on the market and new technology advances are working to correct the problems.

When it comes to the question of Intelligel vs memory foam, this newer gel technology does seem very promising as an alternative to foam bedding. Gel is more resilient and operates in a different fashion than foam. The gel is formed into columns which are designed to withstand a certain amount of weight. The columns that exceed that weight under your body will crush down while other surrounding columns remain firm. This provides the perfect amount of contouring support to every area of your body.

As far as the comparison of Intelli-Gel with memory foam, it does seem the gel wins out in terms of resiliency. The gel is a more fluid material and can give way and pop back into place much easier than foam materials.

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Intelli-Gel mattress reviews also reveal that this gel has a great capacity to relieve body pain. People who suffer from conditions such as fibromyalgia have reported their first full night of sleep in years after purchasing one of these beds. That speaks for its capability of far surpassing memory foam, without the common problems of foam mattresses.

When it comes down to it, this gel mattress compares with memory foam to a great degree. It may even have the potential to surpass the values of foam mattresses, but only time will tell for sure. There is still room for flaws to be discovered as these mattresses are put to the test over the following years.

The Intelli-Gel Mattress has not been on the market for very long, so it is too soon to say it definitely surpasses memory foam or other popular bedding options, such as latex foams.