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Intelli-Gel Gel Mattress

The Intelli-gel gel mattress is the newest technology to hit the bedding market and consumers are starting to catch on to the pain relieving capability they offer. The price is a little higher than many consumers are looking to pay for a mattress, but those who suffer from regular pain in any part of the body are finding that the ability to sleep peacefully without worsening their condition is more than worth the small investment. So, how do you tell if this new technology is right for you?

What is an Intelligel gel mattress? This is the first question that must be explored in order to make an educated decision. If you have ever used or even seen those gel Dr. Scholls shoe inserts that are sold in all the stores, then you are already more familiar with a gel bed than you realize.

The same technology that makes those inserts so supportive of your feet is now being used in bedding, and Intelligel gel mattresses are the first to provide mattresses (as well as various other comfort products) with this technology.

The top part of each mattress is made up of columns filled with this specially designed gel. Each one of these columns is designed to hold up to a certain weight, and when your body pushes down some of them will exceed that weight and sink down underneath the body. Just as the gel pushes away from your finger when you press into a Dr. Scholls foot pad, the top of these mattresses give way to the heaviest parts of your body.

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What does this do for you? This provides pressure relief like no other material to date, including memory foam. The best part of this gel material is its resilience. The columns pop back into place when the weight is relieved and it is not as susceptible to body impressions that often cause memory foam mattresses to become uncomfortable with time.

The prices on this new technology are a little higher than some of the other popular mattresses on the market, so the Intelli-gel gel mattress may not be the best option for your home. On the other hand, if you or someone in your home suffers from back or other body pain on a regular basis then this could very well be the absolute best mattress to purchase. If you just want extreme comfort and body support this is a good pick, though you may be able to find that in other top name brands for a lower price.