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IntelliBED Mattresses

Have you heard of the latest technology to hit the mattress industry? The IntelliBED is the most recent marvel to hit the industry and consumer reviews so far have been enthusiastic.

You are already familiar with the gel substance that goes into these mattresses from the popular Dr. Scholls shoe inserts that have been comforting aching feet for years. That technology has now been inserted into mattresses to deliver more conforming comfort than popular memory foam models.

Reviews on IntelliBED mattresses are a little harder to find than reviews for popular models of better known brands, but this is due to the brand not being as well known on the market and many consumers not discovering that they even exist just yet.

Every brand has to start from somewhere and the technology used in the IntelliBED mattress holds promise that it will be around for many more years to come. What reviews are out there do back up the claims of the MyComfort manufacturer that these mattresses relieve aches and pains from all areas of the body.

The IntelliBED gel mattress gets its name from the nature of the gel material used in the top layer of each bed. Think of pressing your fingers down on a Dr. Scholls gel insert.

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You are probably familiar with the way it gives in to your finger and surrounds your tip instantaneously. The ability to give at the right points while pushing back at other points is the intelligence that makes it stand out in the mattress market.

This gel material is formed into narrow columns, with each column made to tolerate a certain amount of weight. As your body presses into the mattress that weight limit is exceeded on some columns in particular areas of your body.

When this happens in other beds you develop pressure points where your body presses into the mattress below, but the columns inside a gel bed give and allow those areas of your body to sink further into the mattress. When you stand up or move to a new position, they simply spring back up into position.

IntelliBED mattresses include the PosturePerfect and ReliefPerfect collections, each with their own designs and goals. Which one is right for you depends on your body and your specific sleep needs.

Finding an IntelliBED to purchase is not as easy as finding a Serta or a Simmons, but it is worth searching one out if you need the excellent body support and spinal alignment that this new technology offers.