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Intelli-Gel Mattress

First developed in 1995, the Intelligel mattress was initially intended for use in hospitals and other institutional uses. Because of its unique support properties, the Intelli-Gel mattress is well suited for burn patients and elder care facilities. In situations where a person must spend long periods of time in a prone position, the materials used and support provided have been shown to minimize bed sores that are commonly associated with traditional bedding. There have even been claims that this form of bedding can help such lesions heal faster.

Intelli-Gel Mattresses in Many Sizes

The largest size available for an Intelli-Gel gel mattress is the California King. But the bed is also available in most popular bed sizes. From the spacious King and Queen through smaller Twin XL and Twin sizes; you are certain to find just the right size for your needs. You can even get an Intelli-Gel Mattress Topper in most popular sizes, allowing you to upgrade your existing sleep surface quickly and easily.

Safety and Health

In addition to the medical uses listed above, Intelli-Gel mattresses have a number of other notable health and safety features, not the least of which is its fire retardant abilities. The lack of traditional cloth-based ticking and stuffing entails less access for such undesirable elements as bedbugs and mites. Likewise, the material is much less porous, and this means that it absorbs less moisture, dust, and other allergens. While this hypo-allergenic quality is not the most popular virtue for most people, it does provide an added measure of health for those who own this unique sleep system.

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About Intelli-Gel Mattress Reviews

When it comes to the mattress reviews available for the Intelli-Gel Mattress system, a majority will speak highly of its ability to provide quality rest, even for the most demanding sleepers. In fact, the only real complaints about this innovative mattress type involve the cost of the product itself. This cost, however, is offset by the lifetime of the mattress, and the overall quality of use it delivers. Before discounting it due to price alone, compare the expected lifetime to that available from traditional bedding, and you'll see the price is really not that much more. The only other common complaint is with the strict warranty each mattress has, but this can be offset by simply purchasing a protective covering to avoid stains and other incidental damages.

An Intelli-Gel Mattress set is intended to be an investment for personal comfort, and should be treated the same as any other investment: with proper care and responsible handling.