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Inflatable Air Mattresses

The worst thing you can do while shopping for an inflatable air mattress is to make your final decision based on price alone. While some of the more expensive brands may turn out to be quite disappointing, some of the cheaper models may actually be exactly what you are looking for. As with any other type of mattress, price alone does not always predict the overall quality and value of an air mattress.

There are three things to look for when searching out the best inflatable air mattresses: the type and primary use, overall quality of materials, and last the price tag.

While one inflatable air bed may be designed for rugged outdoor adventures such as camping another may be intended only for indoor use.

Different types of materials will be used for different intended purposes, so you should make sure the ones you consider are intended for whatever use you need the mattress for.

Also, you may want to consider mattresses designed for travel if you will be packing it up and moving it around on a fairly regular basis.

There are also mattresses designed just for children and there is even an AeroBed inflatable air mattress that is raised two feet off the floor and decorated with a bed skirt so it looks very similar to a regular bed.

These are very popular for turning a spare room into a guest bedroom without the expense of purchasing an entire mattress set.

When it comes to the materials used in an inflatable mattress bed, you want to make sure that it has a decent thickness and is strong enough to resist being popped easy.

This is especially important when children may be sleeping or playing on the bed at times.

You will also want to consider purchasing a mattress that is hypo-allergenic or that comes with a pure cotton cover, especially if someone with allergies may be using the bed at any time.

It is also crucial that you check the weight limits of the mattress, since some materials will not hold more than a very lightweight adult.

Price should be the last consideration when purchasing an inflatable air mattress.

It really doesn’t matter how cheap the mattress is if it fails to meet any of your needs or if the materials are so thin it pops or refuses to hold air under your weight.