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Hypnos Regency Mattress

The Hypnos Regency mattress has one of the highest coil counts being offered on the market right now. The boundaries of high end luxury bedding continue to be pressed and crossed, and the Hypnos brand is right at the center of the action.

This manufacturer is determined to remain the absolute best made mattress on the market, and they are succeeding by leaps and bounds. So, what exactly is being offered through the Regency Collection by Hypnos?

The Hypnos Regency is not just another innerspring mattress. Each mattress is packed with close to 5,000 durable coils, each wrapped in its own little pocket. There are so many coils in these mattresses that instead of a single layer they are stacked on top of one another, delivering extreme comfort as well as durability unheard of in the innerspring mattress market before the arrival of this line.

These coils are designed for comfort on the sleeping surface, but are also made to last longer without sagging, rusting, or pulling apart. The sheer number of them stacked into each bed makes this hands down the best mattress you can purchase right now.

All natural fibers and fillings are placed around these coils, delivering luxurious comfort that most other brands simply cannot compete with. Some of the materials commonly used in Hypnos bedding include pure silk and cotton, and cashmere. The fabric on the out surfaces of the mattress are made with equally extravagant materials so it is unbelievably soft to the touch.

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Each Hypnos pocket coil mattress is hand upholstered using Belgium damask tick and the sides are hand stitched to ensure the mattress will not lose shape or fall apart at the seams. In fact, the company is so confident in the durability of their products that they back each mattress up with a ten year warranty.

If you have been wondering exactly what all of this luxury would cost, you have probably already guessed that it runs in the thousands of dollars. A lower end Hynos mattress could run about three thousand dollars but the more luxurious beds with all the top notch features can easily run up to six thousand dollars and even higher.

There is a reason that only select homes have the Hypnos Regency mattress in their bedrooms. The materials used and the amount of processing that is done by hand run the cost per mattress much higher than most people can afford to pay for a single mattress.