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Hypnos Mattresses

Not everyone can just go out and purchase a Hypnos mattress on a whim. This is a purchase that must be thoroughly thought out and which can only be afforded by consumers ready and willing to spoil themselves to the greatest extents. The steep price tags on these beds ensure not only luxurious features, but luxury taken to the extreme. So what do you get with these mattresses that makes it worth tens of thousands of dollars?

It all comes down to the fine details of hand craftsmanship. The history of this manufacturer goes back the early 1900s and they have truly perfected the art of painstakingly making beds suitable for queens. That is actually to be taken quite literally, as they are the same company that made bedding for Queen Elizabeth II.

Hypnos Hampton Court Collection

The luxury of this line of bedding starts with the frame. Instead of using any old wood available, the absolute best pieces of Poplar are hand selected by talented craftsmen who oversee every little aspect of creating these handmade beds. The frames are created to be extremely durable so that they last for years on end without buckling.

The absolute best mattress in this line is the Hypnos Majesty mattress. It has thousands of springs which are all cased individually and then complimented with brass air vents that regulate air flow to perfection.

The springs are also tied down the center, so even if someone moves on one side the other half remains still. Obviously, Hypnos spares no expense in making these beds, and that is why consumers must also spare no expense to bring the pleasures of royalty into their homes.

You will not find any chemical-coated materials or man-made fibers inside these beds. Everything is 100% natural and includes exquisite materials such as cotton, silk, cashmere, lambswool, and cashgora. A special form of latex called Talalay is also used to relieve the pressure points along the body where the weight of the body is usually absorbed during sleep. This eliminates the problem of tossing and turning during the night to a great degree. Everything is wrapped in an amazing damask that feels like silk.

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The other mattresses in this collection include the Hypnos Eminence mattress, Hypnos Empress mattress, and the Hypnos Sovereign mattress. The basic materials used are the same with these mattresses, but the total number of springs used varies with different models. They each have their own color of threads woven into the luxurious damask that encloses the mattresses, though all of the color schemes are brilliant displays of luxury from gold to sliver.

Hypnos Royal Comfort Mattress Collection

There are three different mattresses offered in this collection and they have names that mimic the previous collection: Eminence, Empress, and Soveriegn. Once again, the difference is mainly in the color of thread on the damask cover. Inside these mattresses you will find high quality cotton felt with hand teased white hair, cashmere, silk, and lambswool. They are also tufted by hand with wool.

Hynos Regency Mattress Collection

Continuing with the all natural materials used in the other collections, bedding in this line is made with comfort and functionality in mind. The borders are stitched by hand to ensure that you can sit or sleep on all edges without sliding off or wearing down the mattress. Different levels of comfort and firmness are offered through various types of spring systems.

If you are considering treating yourself like royalty, there is nowhere else to turn but to a Hypnos mattress. You will receive nothing less than high quality and superior durability that will last for generations.