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Hypnos Heritage Mattress Collection

Welcome to the luxurious world of high end bedding. The Hypnos Heritage Collection caters to picky consumers who demand the absolute best from their household furniture, with their beds being one of the most important pieces they purchase.

If you want to bring home the ultra comforting beds offered from this line you must be ready and willing to pay a handsome price for the high quality materials and hand stitching that goes into every single mattress. But, are these beds really the best on the market? Are they really worth the thousands of dollars they often demand out of your pocketbook?

If the question is simply whether a Hypnos Heritage mattress is worth a few thousand dollars then the answer is an astounding yes. The materials used in these mattresses are the absolute best, including Belgian damask, pure cotton and silk, and lambswool. Each mattress also receives individual attention in the manufacturing process, including hand tufting and hand side stitching to ensure the mattress does not lose shape or fall apart.

It is when the Heritage Collection from Hypnos is compared to mattresses sold for slightly lower prices that many consumers start to question whether their money is best spent with this brand. When the features and overall quality of other mattress brands and compared side by side with Hypnos, many consumers decide there are other options that will cost them a little less while remaining more than satisfactory in terms of comfort and durability.

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The fact is there are other pocket coil mattresses being sold with high coil counts and high quality materials. They may not have pure silk fibers or luxurious Belgian damask, but they have high quality coil units back up by high quality memory foam, latex foams, and some even have pure cotton.

For many consumers, these other brands a great alternative to the Hypnos mattress because the slightly lower quality of materials is well worth the amount of money they save, especially when comfort and quality of the sleeping surface is nearly the same.

Hypnos still manufactures the best mattress on the market for many consumers, and in the perfect world every household across the Earth would have one in their master bedroom. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world and there are more affordable alternatives for consumers who can’t shell out thousands of dollars for a mattress from the Hypnos Heritage Collection.