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Hypnos Hampton Court Mattress

When it comes to luxury mattresses designed for royalty, there is nowhere to turn but to the Hypnos Hampton Court mattress collection. Combining hand craftsmanship and with the best materials available today, each mattress is designed to please the exquisite tastes of Royalty in Britain.

If you want to purchase from this brand be prepared to shell out a considerable amount of money. More importantly, get prepared to be totally blown away by the most comfortable bed you have ever rested your body in.

From first appearances there isn’t much about the Hampton Court mattress by Hypnos that really stands out. It looks much like any other high end mattress, so you have to consider the work that went into creating the mattress and what is inside that top fabric to see what makes them worth thousands and thousands of dollars each.

While there are numerous mattresses made with high quality memory foam and highly resilient latex, mattresses in the Hampton Court Collection use those materials in combination with the absolute best materials and fibers that you could imagine putting inside your bed.

Some of the commonly used materials include 100% pure cotton, cashmere, cashgora, lambswool, and pure silk. These materials give a luxurious smooth feel to the top fabric that you pull your linen over, but they also increase the durability and overall quality of the mattress as a whole.

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Highly resilient Talalay latex is also included in the Hypnos mattress. Latex is an extremely durable material that drastically lengthens the number of years you can expect your mattress to hold up without growing uncomfortable.

Each mattress is also designed with thousands of coils, compared to a few hundred that are commonly included in other high end mattresses.

Once you lay down on a Hypnos bed, it is clear they are among the best mattresses currently being offered. They are hand tufted and the coils are hand tied to ensure they will not lose shape or break apart. Every step is taken to ensure top notch quality and luxury built for a queen…and considering who their number one clients are, they mean that quite literally!

Consumers who purchase the Hypnos Hampton Court mattress demand the absolute best from their bedding and refuse to settle for anything less. If you are one of those people and can afford to make a true investment in your bedroom, then there is nowhere else to turn but to the Hampton collection.