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Gold Bond Futon Mattress

Futon mattresses have come a long way in recent years. The days of lying across the bed and feeling the bars below you are over, as long you purchase a high quality mattress with enough padding materials to support your body weight.

For the most part, this comes down to resilient materials which are becoming highly popular in the bedding industry as a whole. One way to ensure you are buying the best quality materials offered is to go with a Gold Bond futon mattress.

Gold Bond has been making mattresses for well over a century and they are known for high quality materials that last for years to come. It is true that you will likely pay a little more for a Gold Bond mattress than you may for a lesser known name brand, but the quality inside the mattress is what drives up the cost.

Many cheap mattresses use foams and cotton blends that are not very resilient, which means they crush down under body weight but do not easily restore to their original shape. This means they will start to wear and compress down in a rather short period of time, becoming less and less comfortable the more they are used.

Gold Bond mattresses still use foam, but they use high quality foams that are more resilient and will last longer than most cheap name brands on the market. Yet, the top mattresses from this brand are not as expensive as it may sound, especially since they can be found all over the internet at reduced prices every day.

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One reasonably priced model is the Gold Bond SofTouch. This is an ultra plush mattress that includes a half inch of firm support foam sandwiched between two pieces of 1.8 density foam (2 inches each). That core is surrounded by a Polyester batting made to a higher density than other commonly used battings.

Most of their models are similar to that, but then there is the Gold Bond ViscoTouch. This is the latest offering from the brand that includes a large amount of their 100% polyester densified batting supported by a core made up of 3 inches of visco-elastic memory foam and 4 inches of another high quality foam. This is being called the best mattress on the futon market right now, since it uses a solid piece of the popular visco-elastic foam.

When you compare a Gold Bond futon mattress to cheaper versions, you will find that the price difference between some of them is not very much and the higher quality materials in a Gold Bond more than make up for that.