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Futon Bed Mattress

Buying a futon is a great idea. During the day, it can be used as a sofa but at nighttime, you can unfold it into a bed. These dual purpose furniture have become increasingly popular. A good quality frame is important as you want it to stand up to the rigors of being folded and unfolded. But don't forget about the mattress. A futon bed mattress is what provides the comfort, not the frame.

You can read many futon bed mattress reviews and still be left confused. So, what should you look for when buying a futon bed mattress? First, it depends on the type of the futon frame. A bi-fold frame simply folds the mattress in half to form the seat and back support. A tri-fold frame will fold the mattress into thirds; one third being the seat, one third being the back, and the final third either folding over the back or underneath the seat.

The tri-fold utilizes the shorter "width" of the mattress for seating while the bi-fold utilizes the longer "length". This gives the inherent advantage to the bi-fold because it looks much more like a conventional sofa-bed than does the tri-fold. It also provides a larger seating area for the consumer. Also, the futon bed mattress you buy for a trifold must be thinner than the thick, overstuffed mattresses used on a bi-fold. The bi-fold is by far the most popular choice.

Futon mattresses have specific uses and are built accordingly. It is not a "One-Size-Fits-All" situation. It is better to get a futon mattress that will specifically meet your needs. Futon bed mattresses are made from a variety of materials. A futon mattress made from cotton and foam is lightweight but will hold its shape. A cotton and foam combination futon bed mattress is the most sold type in the market.

A cotton-polyester blend will give you a lighter mattress which is nice and soft, making it a popular choice with many. This blend is considered the best futon bed mattress for everyday use. If you want an even softer futon mattress then a cotton-wool combination is a good choice, however this type of mattress isn't very flexible, so it may not be a good choice if you plan on flipping it into a sofa frequently. You can even buy innerspring units. These can provide great support as well as comfort and are most suited where you'll be using your futon more as a bed than a sofa.

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A futon bed mattress can be defined with the following qualities: weight, firmness, rigidity, and flexibility. You'll be able to decide what qualities you require when you know what you'll be mainly using your futon mattress for. Generally, lighter is better as long as comfort isn't sacrificed. But you may be satisfied buying a heavier futon mattress when its primary function is that of a bed.

Firmness is a measurement of the “feel” of the mattress when used as a sleeping or sitting surface. This quality is what people define as 'comfortable'. Rigidity is the ability of the futon to remain square-edged along the length when in a sofa position, and flexibility is a measurement of how well the futon applies itself to folding.

If you're constantly folding your futon you'll want a mattress with plenty of flexibility but you may have to sacrifice on its rigidity. If you're mainly using the mattress as a bed, then rigidity is of little importance. Rigidity is of main concern when the futon will be mainly used as a sofa; the more rigid, the less it will sag in the middle.

The following diagram is a guide to choosing the right futon bed mattress that best suits your needs. Please note that it is only a guide.

futon bed mattress diagram