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Foam Mattresses

With so many different mattresses being sold today, are you wondering what makes a foam mattress stand apart from the competition? If you have already taken the time to read through some mattress reviews or maybe an article or two about this technology you have likely discovered that there are many differences between this foam and other types of mattress padding.

While it is definitely different, it also has many benefits that simply cannot be mimicked by other materials that some beds use as stuffing. In fact, memory foam is not just stuffing to cover the springs. It offers so much more!

The visco foam mattress started years ago with NASA research intended to relieve problems astronauts face sleeping in space.

The foam that they discovered worked for astronauts later transformed into the memory foam mattress that can be purchased at any furniture store or though any online bedding retailer today. The extensive research of NASA is now enriching the daily lives of millions of ordinary people.

So what is so special about a visco elastic foam mattress? This material conforms to your unique body shape and offers more support to key areas of your body. Adding to that, it happens to be one of the most comfortable materials you could ever pack into a mattress.

While different densities of the foam can be used to create different firmness levels, many consumers are drawn to the memory foam mattress because they enjoy being enveloped in a cloud and drifting off to sleep without pressure points.

Pressure points are the areas of your body where the weight of your body is usually absorbed and held on some mattresses.

These points of the body often get uncomfortable or even sore, causing you to toss and turn during the night. Memory foam eliminates this problem as it cradles the body and helps distribute the weight more evenly across all areas of the bed.

These mattresses are also suitable for those with back or hip problems, since it helps to keep the body in proper alignment and ease the pressure from joints and muscles. There are some top name brands now making beds which are designed with these problems in mind.

Whether you ware concerned with adequate support of key body areas or you just want the most comfortable night of sleep possible, you cannot go wrong with a foam mattress. If you are unconvinced, check out some reviews to hear what other consumers are saying about memory foam technology.