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Foam Bed Mattresses

The competition is raging in the bedding world as many top name brands come out with better options to meet the needs of every consumer. The result of this competition is plenty of choice and wide price ranges for consumers looking to replace their beds with something more comfortable and longer lasting. At the center of all the bedding wars is the foam bed mattress, which continues to beat out the competition and remain a top seller for many reputable name brands.

There are many perks to owning a memory foam bed mattress. Unlike other bedding materials used for comfort and to add softness, memory foam delivers comfort as well as exceptional support.

The foam core and additional layers of a high quality foam bed mattress allow the sleeping surface to conform to your unique body shape. This allows every area of your body to be completely supported so you do not get that stiff early morning discomfort that so many people are used to feeling.

Memory foam started from NASA research that was intended to help astronauts in space achieve a more restful slumber while they were away from Earth, but that transferred into bedding for the rest of us over time.

Foam may seem like an obvious choice to include in a mattress since it is a soft material, but memory foam is manufactured in special ways to ensure that is holds up over time and supports the body for proper spinal alignment throughout the night. For this reason, many orthopedic beds designed for people experiencing pain are now including visco memory foam.

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So how does the best foam bed mattress on the market stack up to other popular types of mattresses, such as latex, air, and innerspring systems?

High quality memory foam beds can definitely hold their own in the arena with such stiff competition, but it is difficult to compare bedding materials that are so different from one another.

Memory foam is extremely comfortable and more supportive than many of these other materials, but some of these other mattress types do tend to last a little longer than most memory foam models.

If you are in the market for a foam bed mattress and are still questioning whether it is the best choice for your current sleep needs, it is helpful to write down what you need and expect out of a bed. That will help you to properly assess whether the comfort and support offered by memory foam should fulfill your demands.